PDFMergeReview.com is owned and managed by Dalton King. Through the website, Dalton hopes to empower millions of people from all across the globe with information about the PDF Merger software in the market that they can use to merge PDF documents quickly. The target audience is company executives, freelancers, company officials, and anyone else who deals with PDF.


Where it all began

Dalton King has been working as a professional web content developer and SEO expert. His primary role is to help businesses to get a high ranking on search engines as well as improve website conversion rate by carrying out extensive SEO audits to determine flaws that could be rectified to increase conversion rate.

Every day, he has to spend at least three hours compiling reports for clients in PDF documents. Early last year, he realized that merging two PDF documents was a major challenge without software. This motivated him to look for software that he can seamlessly use on his Windows PC and Mac book while in the office or on the go online. At the time, there was little or no information about this kind of software even though they existed in the market.

After spending hours on the internet looking for an ideal PDF Merger, he decided to develop this website to help other people who face the same problem. By researching and rewriting comprehensive reviews of the PDF merger, he hopes that he will be able to help other people looking for PDF Merger software that is efficient, reliable, secure, affordable and trustworthy. He makes sure that he is updated on all new PDF Merger software in the market to ensure that the target audience stays on the know at all times.

Visit PDFMergeReview.com regularly to get updates on new PDF Merger software that are released into the market as well as the new versions of the current software.